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The Children of Cain

‘This is the best study yet written of a major set of modern British witchcraft traditions. Enriched by many valuable personal insights, as well as a fair appraisal of the written sources’

Dr Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol, England.


‘Long overdue, this is one of the most original books about witchcraft to be published. The author has spent more than 40 years researching and practising witchcraft and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject. Thought-provoking and insightful, this is a book for anyone interested in traditional witchcraft and the many characters who have walked the crooked path... a breath of fresh air in a genre that too frequently sees rehashed, poorly researched material masquerading as ‘‘secrets’’

Julia Philips editor of The Wiccan magazine and founder of the Pan-Pacific Pagan Alliance.

This work is a tour de force . . . and this shows in the wealth of detail and the incisiveness of the text. All lineages, vectors and groups within the Traditional Craft should feel that they have, most certainly, been placed on the map by this work . . . reminiscent of Kenneth Grant’s Magical Revival. It would be no surprise if the Children of Cain proved equally influential and historic. . . . an important book’

Ben Fernee, publisher, Caduceus Books


‘This is an important and scholarly work, covering the many and eclectic practices of the Traditional Craft and providing for the first time, an in-depth study of some of its more prominent adherents . . . Highly recommended’

Merry Meet magazine

‘This is an essential book for anyone who is interested in traditional witchcraft. Michael Howard’s erudite,

scholarly tome explores the rich history of traditional witchcraft . . . [His] great skill lies in his ability to

bring together so many disparate strands of a very secretive world and tie them into some kind of cohesive

form. Howard has been researching witchcraft for over 40 years. He knows his stuff and it shows’

Pagan Dawn


Modern Wicca

‘This is an extremely important book . . . from somebody who has himself been a major actor in it’

Dr Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol in south-west England.


Secret Societies

‘With the multitude of books published on secret societies, it is refreshing to find one so balanced and well documented’

Dr Robert Hieroninus, author of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies: Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and the Decoding of the Great Seal

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